This is Morbid Software, a new independent video game developer.

How it started

Morbid Software was started by myself (Matthew) after I was inspired to create my first video game. Morbid Software's feature game is Morbid..

I started this project without a title and at some point, I was struck with the name "Morbid" and knew it was perfect. I quickly researched the name to see if it was in use for any other games and was relieved when I discovered that it was original. Well, kind of... I did find "Morbid: The Seven Acolytes" on Steam and while I haven't personally played the game; It has mostly positive reviews and looks interesting if you are into isometric games.

Morbid has been officially announced and is now on the Steam Store.

About myself

In the past years, I've worked different trades and then for State and Local Government agencies. I recently served in the U.S. Army as an 11B Infantryman, until June 2022 and started working on the project that is now "Morbid" in August 2022. Currently, I work a full-time job and work on Morbid in the evenings and during the weekend. So far I've dedicated a lot of my time to this project and I'm very proud to share what I've accomplished so far.

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